Genomic selection

The Endelman group is exploring genomic selection for its potential to increase the rate of genetic gain in plant breeding. Genomic selection couples historical crop data with molecular markers to make statistical predictions about new breeding lines before they have been evaluated in the field. Previous research includes the development of prediction models and software, as well as the optimal design of training populations and field trials. This work is being adapted to the unique biology, systems, and economics found in potato breeding.

Genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS)

The Endelman group is exploring GBS as a potential marker platform for genomic selection in potato breeding. Previous research has compared the impact of marker imputation methods on prediction accuracy. Bioinformatics tools are being developed to facilitate SNP-calling at low read depth in biparental families.

Genomic selection in wheat breeding using genotyping-by-sequencing

Genetic maps

Genetic maps have a number of important uses in plant breeding, including marker imputation, QTL mapping, and the construction of a reference genome sequence. Previous research has focused on techniques for integrating maps from multiple populations.